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FaST Lions Golf Tournament

Even rain couldn't keep the FaST Lions and their guests from playing a round of golf at Paradise Valley
Golf Course to benefit the community. There were 8 teams total with 5 of them toughing out the rain the entire 18
holes. Lion Bill Fell's team took 1st place. Student Lion Kara Lorenz won women's longest drive and closest to the pin.
Lion Joe Chu won men's longest drive. Lunch and a raffle followed the tournament.


The Fast Lions held a BBQ on June 3 at the Cordelia Fire House.
Guests included presenters from the Chernobyl Children's Project.
A raffle was held with proceeds going to the Chernobyl Children's Project. A good time was had by all.


Relay for Life Silent Auction FundRaiser

Fast Lions John, Ron, Jose, Gary, Mary, and guests attended the annual Relay for Life Dinner & Silent Auction.
All proceeds go toward American Cancer Society.

Annual Crab Feed

The FaST Lions served over 350 people at their annual All-You-Can-Eat Spaghetti and Crab Feed. The evening also included a silent auction and raffle. All proceeds go back into the community to help others.


Kases 4 Kids

FaST Lions deliver 30-40 backpacks to Child Protective Services monthly to children in need. We have received assistance from the Diana Lee Family in Vacaville in her memory, as well as the Tri Y Club in San Francisco. These 2 organizations have donated cash as well as put together the backpacks for us. Here Lion Mary, Student Lion Kara, and Betty Thompson get ready to deliver more backpacks.

Sorting Eyeglasses

Fast Lions Ken, Bob, Jim, Gary, John, Mary, Jose, Jay, Hal, and Student Lion Kara sorted over 1550 eyeglasses. These glasses will be taken to the Lions eyeglass warehouse in Vallejo.

World Service Day

On Saturday, October 14, Lions Billy Gaither, Mary Lorenz, John Donahue, and Gary Ames delivered 90 violets to residents of LaMariposa Convalscent Home for World Service Day.


Relay for Life - Fairfield FaST Lions raised and donated $11,000.00 to American Cancer Society

Fairfield Fast Lions cooked lunch and dinner, handled logistics, drove the shuttle, set up and took down tents, and still walked over 500 laps during the Relay for Life. Some members of the FaST Lions spent the entire 24 hours helping out.

Relay for Life Silent Auction and Dinner

Lions Joe, Jim, Bob, John, Mary, and Jose attending the Fairfield Relay for Life Silent Auction and Dinner held in Suisun on May 13. All proceeds go to American Cancer Society.


Serving Dinner to the Seniors at the Suisun Senior Center

We serve dinner to the Seniors every other month along with some help
from the local Boy Scout Troop we sponsor. Just another service of the
Fairfield F.a.S.T. Lions Club.


Assist-a-Grad Interviews

Lions John, Gary, Bob & Mary interviewing High School students for College Scholarships.
The Fairfield F.a.S.T. Lions donated $4000 this year to theAssist-a-Grad Scholarship
Fund to students we interviewd that met our criteria based not only need and merit, but also on
their involment in the community. Just another service of the
Fairfield F.a.S.T. Lions Club.


Fairfield F.a.S.T. Lions

Lions in Sight…

Well here we are again…sorting through the used eyeglasses we collect in our 12 collection places throughout the cities of Fairfield and Suisun.   We will sort, count and box them up and take them to the Vallejo eyeglass Warehouse.  From there they will again be sorted and will then be on their way on a clinic trip to Mexico or another country.  Lions in Sight has been an MD-4 project since 1991.  It’s objectives are to collect these eyeglasses and conduct clinic trips to developing nations to give eye examinations and prescribe recycled eyeglasses to those in need free of charge.  They also provide used eyeglasses to Lions Clubs worldwide and ensure the eyeglasses are appropriately prescribed and distributed.    We collect these glasses year round and have a couple of eyeglass sorting days each year.   Just another service of the Fairfield F.a.S.T. Lions


Lions Club Projects Fairfield F.a.S.T lions club sorting eyeglasses

We pick up used eyeglasses at the following locations:

Travis AFB
Wal-Mart Optical - Fairfield
Sears Optical - Westfield Shopping Center
Kaiser - Fairfield
Costco Optical- Cordelia Shopping Center
Dr. Jackman - 731 Texas St., Fairfield
Dr. Anzalone -1329 Oliver Road, Fairfield


Kases for Kids...

The Fairfield F.a.S.T. Lions participate in the Kases for Kids program year round.

Thousands of children every day are removed from their homes because their care provider can't or won't take care of them. When they are removed, their things are thrown into plastic trash bags. Now the child gets to thinking if their things are in trash bags that must mean they are trash. And if their things are trash that must mean they are trash also. We want to give these children something a little more dignifying.

We collect small suitcases and backpacks, new and used, clean them up, put in some toiletries, a stuffed animal, and put a name tag on each one and give them to the local Child Protective Services office. Different counties handle their children differently, but all are happy to see a child with a suitcase or backpack showing up at a foster home instead of showing up with a plastic trash bag.

Some items we include in each case are: Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion, Soap, Comb, Toothbrush and Toothpaste, Mouthwash, Kleenex, Washcloth, Notebook and Pencils, and of course a stuffed animal to hold onto. Just another service of the Fairfield F.a.S.T. Lions.

Lions Club Donations


Lions Joe & Mary helping out at the Solano Food & Wine Jubilee
benefitting North Bay Hospice


Fairfield F.a.S.T Lions Club Fundraising Activities

Fundraising activities are the “back-bone” of our club’s involvement with the community and Lions projects.   All monies raised at fundraisers go directly back to the community or worthwhile projects to help others in need.  A few of our Lions Club’s fundraisers are:

Crab Feed & Maui Give-Away
Golf Tournament
Turkey Shoot
Entertainment Books
Relay for Life
Lions Club Cookbook

Lions Club Projects

Lions Eye Foundation
City of Hope
Camp Wilderness for Deaf Children
Lions “InSight” Program
Heather House
Kases for Kids
Recycling program
Canine Companions for Independence
Boy Scouts
Girls Scouts
Ear of the Lion Program
Student Speaker Program
Vision Screening
Eye Exams/Eye Glasses for the Needy
Suisun Senior Center


















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