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Fairfield F.a.S.T. Lions Club Membership

The Fairfield F.a.S.T. Lions Club was chartered  on May 3, 1967.   The current membership consists of 21 men and women dedicated to serving their community.  Our club has regular breakfast meetings every Wednesday morning at 7:15am and usually includes a guest speaker or a special program.  The majority of club business is conducted at the monthly Board of Directors meeting held on the 2nd Monday of the month, and all members are welcome to attend.

The F.a.S.T. Lions Club current membership dues are $10.00 monthly plus the cost of breakfast.  In addition to dues are the small fines imposed on members by the Club’s Tailtwister.  Fines are placed in the Administrative Fund for Lions Club expenses.

The F.a.S.T. Lions are involved with various fund-raising functions throughout the year.   We also plan at-least one social each month where spouses are included.

Members are encouraged to attend regular Club meetings and to participate in Club fundraising and social activities.

If you would like to experience the great feeling of giving something back to your community, the F.a.S.T. Lions Club may be your answer.  Please feel free to contact us for further details and an invitation to attend a regular meeting to see what we are all about. Membership is by invitation only and sponsorship by a current F.a.S.T. Lion is required.

Current Lions Club Membership

Active Members:
*Sonny Antonio
*Dan Brock
*Joe Chu
Larry Clement
*Bob Dias
Bill Fell
Hal Jones
*Mary Lorenz
*Ken Perkins
*Pete Smith
John Sosa
Sandy Whaley

Affiliate Member:
Phyllis Craig
*Pat Grace

Life Member:
Lyle Smith

*Billy Gaither

Members at Large:
Bruce Allen
Gary Ames
Paul Lam
Ron Howe
Jose Ramos

Honorary Member:
Dennis Tichenor

* Denotes Past President


Lion Gary Balbi - June 26, 2007

Lion Jim Campi - March 2, 2013.

Lion John Donahue - November 14, 2013





























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